This service is suitable for customers with existing pension funds, who wish to set up a new pension fund. For an existing pension fund, we will take over servicing of those investments and review their structure and make-up to ensure that it is consistent with the your tolerance to risk and requirement for future returns. A similar process is undertaken where a new pension fund is to be constructed from an initial sum of money.

We will forecast the likely value of your pension fund and the benefit this may provide on your retirement. We will then compare this against your need for income at that point and identify any risk of shortfall.

We will also examine features, charges and financial strength of the providers with whom your pension fund is invested to determine the extent to which these meet your needs. We will also determine whether effectiveness of the investments selected those products to establish whether they provide the optimum potential for future returns.

Once we have provided you with our advice, and we have received your instructions on how you wish to proceed, we will then arrange for the agreed transactions to be carried out.

We will then advise you on changes in value of your pension fund at quarterly intervals. We will also advise you on any required rebalancing of investments contained in the portfolio at 6 monthly intervals. At the same time, we will review the suitability of each investment manager and advise you of any necessary changes.

We will meet with you once a year to review any changes in your personal or financial circumstances and advise on any changes needed to ensure it remains consistent with your needs.

Where you are paying us to provide an ongoing service, you are able to cease further fees at any time, subject to confirming this in writing to us. Upon receipt of such notice, we will then cease providing an ongoing service to you.

How much does it cost?

  • To prepare and issue advice:
Pension fund value Rate
£1 – 249,000 £300
£250,000 – £499,999 £500
£500,000 – £749,999 £700
£750,000 – £999,999 £900
£1,000,000+ By arrangement


  • To take over your existing pension fund and carry out transactions:
Pension fund value Rate
£1 – £49,999 3.00%
£50,000 – £99,999 2.50%
£100,000 – £249,999 2.00%
£250,000 – £499,999 1.50%
£500,000 – £749,999 1.00%
£750,000 – £999,999 0.50%
£1,000,000+ By arrangement


N.B the cost of preparing and issuing advice would be deducted from the above.


  • To provide continuing oversight:
Pension fund value Rate
£1 – £999,999 0.50%
£1,000,000+ By negotiation


  • To provide half yearly portfolio rebalancing:
Pension fund value Rate
£1 – £999,999 0.30%
£1,000,000+ By negotiation


  • To provide quarterly valuations:
Pension fund value Rate
£1 – £999,999 0.20%
£1,000,000+ By negotiation


  • In the event that you subsequently withdraw amounts from, or surrender, surrender your pension fund:
Amount surrendered Rate
£1 – £49,999  £100 per provider
£50,000 – £999,999  £100 per provider plus 0.10%  of the amount withdrawn
£1,000,000+ By negotiation


As an example Let us say you have an existing pension fund to the value of £100,000. The cost of initial advice would £300.


If you wished to proceed with that advice, the cost of the transactions you required us to undertake, would be £1,700.

If you required us to continue overseeing your pension fund, the cost each year would depend on how much your pension fund increased or reduced in value, for example:


·            If your pension fund remained at £100,000, the charge would be £500
·            If your pension fund grew by 5% to £105,000, the charge would be £525
·            If your pension fund fell by 5% to £95,000, the charge would be £475


It you were to withdraw £50,000 from your pension fund, the charge would be £150.


Full details of the scope of our service and cost of this proposition are contained in the ‘Customer Agreement’ that will be provided to you before you agree to proceed.