Our services are not based around selling financial products but focus on the advice needed to ensure such products are used efficiently and effectively to meet customer needs. Our propositions to customers are therefore built around providing a service consisting of initial advice followed by ongoing oversight to ensure that advice remains consistent with changes in the customer’s circumstances and needs.

Each service proposition is fully defined and documented so that our customers are aware of precisely what we will deliver and the standard to which this will be carried out. We are similarly rigorous in ensuring our charges are fully transparent and disclosed in a manner that enables customers, not just to be aware of the cost, but to make a reasonable judgement about the value to them.

The amount you pay will depend on the type of service you require and your choice of how we are paid. This may be a percentage of the amount you are investing, or an agreed hourly rate.




“In my long association with Tony Parfitt and Leabold, I have always been very happy with the advice given to me.”

Mrs Rees – August 2018

Very happy with the advice given to me

“Whenever we have a question our adviser has always been available to offer friendly and helpful advice and expectations.”

Mr & Mrs Martin – October 2018

Friendly and helpful advice