We believe in giving a clear professional opinion to our customers setting out exactly how and why they should act. While we respect customers may not always wish to follow our advice, we believe it important they be placed in position to evaluate the risks and consequences of not doing so.

We do not believe in undertaking transactions that we reasonably believe are likely to be imprudent and against our customers’ interests. We do not, for instance, provide an execution only service whereby clients instruct us to carry out transactions without advice.

We place great importance on fairness to our customers. This means ensuring they get fair value and are aware of our costs before committing to proceed. Our charging tariffs are intended to provide a quality service at a highly competitive rate.

We believe that basic financial products, i.e. those with the least complexity and greatest transparency, usually provide best value and control over risk. We are therefore cautious in considering anything offering unusual guarantees, low costs, high returns, or tax advantages.

We believe that clients should only invest in products, or follow strategies, that they understand. We do not believe financial advisers should decide for their clients, but place the client in a position to decide themselves.




From initial meeting to setting up my pension, I have been impressed with your service and professionalism. In addition, when a problem arose (not of your making) it was resolved very quickly and I was kept informed of the situation from start to finish.

Mr Spooner – February 2019

Impressed with your service and professionalism

My needs and queries were all answered at our meeting, very pleased with the service the personal contact – excellent

Mr Richards – May 2018

Very pleased with the service