Derek co-founded Leabold Financial Management Limited in 2004 along with Tony Parfitt and acts as the senior officer responsible for overseeing the firm’s regulatory compliance, professional standards and risk control policies. He is also retained by a number of other financial services businesses as a technical consultant. Through these positions, Derek brings significant wealth of business and senior management experience to the Leabold board.

He has worked in financial services for over 30 years during which time, he has undertaken a variety of roles including managing the regulated subsidiary of a large regional building society, and the IFA arm of Stock Exchange listed company. He began his career working for the insurer, Equity and Law, where he trained in company pension scheme administration and actuarial work. On moving into financial product sales in 1984, he became Senior Inspector for the Life Association of Scotland Ltd and one of the Company’s top grossing consultants, prior to being appointed Regional Manager of the South East. In 1992, Derek was asked by a large international broker to review compliance within its South Wales operations, the catalyst for his continuing professional interest in regulatory affairs.

In his spare time Derek maintains a keen interest in mathematics and computer programming, with involvement in the development of several online games to which he has contributed code and design concepts. He is a keen angler, hunter and outdoors-man, maintaining a finca in deepest rural Andalucia where he grows olives, fruit and vines.

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