It depends what you mean by ‘big’, but the following may help you decide. Currently:

  • We employ 10 staff, including four authorised financial advisers. Supporting them are two technical staff engaged in research and preparation of advice. In addition, we have a full-time compliance officer, plus a further five staff engaged in administration.
  • We advise on over £110 million of customer investments.
  • We service over 500 active clients
  • Combined, our staff have over 120 years of industry experience.
  • We maintain over six times the minimum balance sheet capital required under the Financial Conduct Authority rules.
  • We apply the same principles of prudence and thrift to our own financial management as in advising our customers. We retain a significant amount of our balance sheet assets as readily realisable cash. This gives us a superior capability to deal with risks, adapt to changes in the marketplace, and focus on long-term goals and objectives.
  • Financial services firms must hold insurance to meet any event where they are unable to meet the cost of compensating customers from their own capital. We maintain nearly double the level typically required by the Financial Conduct Authority for a firm of our class.
  • We retain external auditors, Watts Gregory, to carry out an independent review of our annual financial accounts.

 Our internal compliance department operates independently of our advisory, marketing and administrative personnel to oversee professional standards within the business